Learning today happens everywhere. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen online or out of school. Mozilla Open Badges helps solve that problem, making it easy for any organization to issue, manage and display digital badges across the web.

This sounds very serious. But badges are also for gaming. Video games enthusiasts all know the rewards they can win when they perform some specific actions. The aim is to collect  a maximum of rewards.

To know more, the best is to visit the official Open Badges website.

Badges on this website

You can earn some badges, but this website is intended primarily for webmasters. You can download and install the component JomBadger for Joomla!. This component can create, manage, issue and display badges.

The test badge

Good news, by reading this article, you perhaps earned the test badge "Test Badge B01".
Its only aim is to show you how open badges work.

To know more about this badge : earning criterias

To verify if you earned the badge and transfer it to your backpack : get the badge.