JomBadger is a component for managing Open Badges. It's free software, you can download it, modify it, share it, ...

If you want to participate to its development, see the GitHub pages.

Features in backend :

  • create a badge
  • create categories for your badges
  • manage the created elements
  • create menus to webpages for your visitors (see frontend features)
  • plugin to add a code in your articles to automatically validate a badge, without intervention from webmaster
  • issue badge for a given email by webmaster

and you can earn your own badge if you install the component and do some actions ;-)

Features in frontend

  • display a page with all badges you can earn on your website
  • display the page that issues the badge, for authenticated users
  • send badge to your backpack
  • automated badge validation when reading an article


Much more informations in documentation ...