The objective of Colori is having a template to make a simple website with little content, airy and does not look like what we usually see when using Joomla!. 

Most of the content is on the home page in a "One Page" format. Each section of the homepage takes the full screen, fixed between two bands: the menu and the footer. You can scroll the page in the traditional manner with the scrollbar of the browser, or by clicking on menus and buttons for precise scrolling of each zone.

Here are some features :

  • an original homepage with 5 areas for 5 articles maximum.

  • a module area « bottom » on footer that changes for each article displayed at screen

  • a responsive template

  • an original advertising management : your loyal visitors are rewarded and advert disappears after a while.

  • Ready for Google Analytics to have stats for your website

  • Bootstrap 3

Colori is the theme used on Bolli.fr.


Colori offers few positions for modules, to stay in the spirit of a simple and airy site. 

On the homepage, you can place modules in the header and footer. 

The header is 66 pixels high and can accommodate small modules such as : logo, menu, languages ​​and research. 

The footer is more original, as it adapts to the displayed item. Or a maximum of 5 footers with four modules each. In total, you can have 20 positions in the footer. 

On internal site pages, you can add two sidebars, one left and one right.


Source code of Colori is delivered under GPL v2 license. It is available on github.

Download Colori


Documentation is available at a small price. It helps to configure the template quickly.

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